• Business Studies gives you a practical understanding of the world of work and why businesses do what they do. Within this subject you will learn about a large range of topics, one of which is marketing. The following activities are designed to introduce you to brands and branding and why they are so important to businesses.

      coca cola

      Even for businesses such as Coca-Cola, branding is crucial to the value of their business. Coke’s brand adds an additional $70 billion to their worth because of their strong and consistent brand.

      We are all familiar with more brands than we may think we are. Even the ones that we may not even use. Can you name the brands below from a small segment of their logo?


      You can find the answers to the quiz here.

      Watch the video link below:

      1.      Define the term brand:

      Watch the video link below:

       2.      How is branding different to a brand?

      Branding is used by businesses to create a clear image that customers can recognise. A brand shows that something is the product of a particular company, giving customers a message about what they can expect from their purchase.

      3.      Look around the room you are in. Give three branded products you can see and explain why they were purchased over other possible brands.


      Businesses know that how we perceive and feel about a brand is very important. They need their image to be seen as value for money, for us to trust them so that they get repeat business from us, and for us to be willing to pay higher prices if we see them as a higher quality product.

      4.      Name the brand you feel is always consistent in terms of quality, value for money and that you trust, then explain why you feel this way about this specific brand.

    • Read this article on the health snacks market.

      1. Why do think branding is less important in the healthy snacks market than in other markets?

      2. Which statistics were you surprised by in the article?

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