• If you're interested in applying for a Digital Games course at Huddersfield New College, it is essential that you can be creative and generate suitable ideas following a given scenario.

      The tasks below will give you an insight into some of the activities and projects you will be expected to complete throughout the course and will also enable you to demonstrate your creativity.

      Your task is to create some concept art for a video game character and a bio for a video game character. 

      Character – You will need to produce a visual representation of a new and unique character. You can either choose to sketch your character out using a pencil, or you could use a Computer Generated Digital Graphic,  e.g. Adobe Photoshop

      Bio – A bio allows a computer game user to access quick information about any game character.  Create a full bio for the character you have created. Things to consider could be:

      • Name
      • Age
      • Height
      • Gender
      • Species
      • Weapons
      • Magic Powers

    • Watch this YouTube video about what makes a great character:

    • If you have enjoyed the task and would like to find out more about studying Digital Games at Huddersfield New College, you can read the full course guide here.