• In Criminology, we look at four main topics:

       1. Changing awareness of crime 
       2. Criminological theories of crime
       3. Crime scene to courtroom
       4. Crime and punishment

      This quiz has been designed to give you an idea of some of the topic areas we will be looking at!

      See if you can answer the below  questions. If you're not sure of the answer, try to make an educated guess, or you could practice your research skills by using the internet to find out the answer! 

      The answers have been provided for you at the bottom of the questionnaire. 

      1.  In which of the following countries is capital punishment still used?

       a) U.K  b) America  c) Japan  d) Germany

      2.  In which of the following countries is homosexuality punishable by a prison sentence or death?
            a) Greece  b) Jamaica  c) Canada  d) Saudi Arabia

      3.  In what year was abortion legalised in the U.K?
       a) 1940  b) 1990  c) 2000  d) 1967

      4. Bigamy is illegal in the U.K. However, it is legal and a common practice in which of the following countries?
       a) Philippines  b) Egypt  c) China  d) Iran

      5.  Which of these behaviours is NOT a criminal offence in England?
       a) Manslaughter 
       b) Jaywalking 
       c) Driving using your mobile phone
       d) Smoking marijuana

      You can find the answers here.

    •  If you have enjoyed taking the Criminology quiz and would like to do some further reading that will prepare you for the course, then read ahead!

      Honour crime is a type of crime we will be looking at in detail. Honour crime is any criminal offence where a person has been harmed due to the offender believing they have 'dishonoured' or 'shamed' the family name or culture. This is a cultural crime.

      ­1. Have a go at answering the quiz question below. Perhaps the true answer will shock you. 
      ­2. You can do some further reading about a case of honour crime that happened here in West Yorkshire. The case of Samia Shahid. The is just one of many honour crime cases we will be discussing in September. 


       According to an annual report, how many honour killings occurred in Pakistan in 2015?
       a) 70  b) 2700  c) 1100  d) 490

      (These statistics are looking at one type of murder in one country)

      Further reading:

      Bradford woman's death in Pakistan investigated after 'honour' killing claims. . 

      You can read the answer here.

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