• “What does it mean?”

      Often, audiences leave the theatre unsure of the purpose of what they have just experienced, asking themselves "did it mean anything"? One of the most important roles of a producer, director and actor is to be understood. This workshop is designed to experiment with the skills you need as a performer and practitioner to make meaning for your audience using a given stimulus.                


      Using the picture of a bad apple as your stimulus and the role on the wall below, create a character. (Choose a style to perform this character in, for example, representational/symbolic or naturalistic/realistic).

      bad apple role on the wall

    • If you enjoyed the task above, you may want to explore your Drama and Theatre skills further by taking part in the below tasks:

      1. Write either a soliloquy or monologue for the character you created (to last no longer than 3 mins)

      2. Perform and record this (using a camera, phone or laptop/computer) and save.

      3. Watch your performance and critique it (no longer than half a page of A4 typed). Evaluate:

      what you did well

      - what is missing

      performance techniques such as facial expressions, gestures, mannerisms, behaviours, voice-pitch, pace, projection tone, diction

    • If you would like to find out more about studying A Level Drama and Theatre Studies at Huddersfield New College, click here to read the full course guide.