• If you’re considering a career working with children, then exploring a qualification in childcare is an excellent first step! At Huddersfield New College our full time Childcare qualifications will not only see you studying for an academic qualification, you'll also be working with children via your placements from the very beginning of your course. The activities and video clips below will help you to decide if this might be the right career choice for you.


      Many of our students go on to become nursery nurses or primary school teachers as well as go into different careers working with children in a variety of settings.

      The first video clip shows you a day in the life of a nursery nurse - have a watch and see what you think:

      As someone working with young children it is really important to develop excellent communication skills. At your interview for Huddersfield New College (in year 11) we would be looking at how well you are able to communicate with people. Watch this video clip and make some notes about ways you could develop your skills when communicating with young children:

      Some children have communication difficulties and we need to develop other ways to help them to communicate. Watch this video clip and see if you can learn the actions for the song:

    • If you enjoyed the above videos and would like to develop your communication skills further, have a go at learning the alphabet using British Sign Language by watching the video below. Can you learn how to sign your own name?

    • If you have enjoyed taking part in the above tasks, you might want to find out more about our outstanding Childcare and Education course. Click here to read the full course guide.