• Here at Huddersfield New College we offer two A Levels in English; English Combined (Language and Literature) and English Literature. 

      The following activity relates to both of the A Levels and will give you an insight into the two courses. In English Literature we study a range of texts including novels, plays and poetry, and analyse these, often through the lens of wider issues such as feminism and Marxism, as well as other social contexts. In English Combined, we also study texts, but are more concerned with how texts are constructed. For example, you might consider how characters are given a ‘voice’. 

      The activity below examines the similarities between Shakespeare and contemporary Hip-Hop and Grime music. Once the context is taken away and we are left with just the raw language it becomes difficult to identify which is which. The quiz below will allow you to look at speech examples that are separated by over 400 years of language development and change.


      1.      Write down as many differences you can think of between Hip-Hop/ Grime music and Shakespeare.

      2.      Follow the link to complete the quiz. Your task is to identify if the sentences are from Shakespeare or Hip-hop and Grime music.

    • If you enjoyed taking part in the quiz and want to find out more about the language that Shakespeare invented, follow the link below. 

      Choose five examples and research what they mean and where they come from. You might be surprised! A lot of phrases that Shakespeare invented are still used today...


    • If you have enjoyed taking part in our quiz, you may want to find out more about our A Level English course. Click on the links below to read the full course guides.

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