• Studying Film Studies will give you the critical tools to analyse and dissect film on a deeper level. It will also equip you with an understanding and appreciation of how to apply these skills on a practical level. Below you can find out more about our A Level course and take part in some taster activities designed to give you an insight into studying Film Studies.

      The course:

      Film Form: we begin by exploring these features of film across a range of clips

      • Cinematography
      • Sound
      • Editing
      • Mise-en-scene
      • Performance



      One of our core units explores the history of Hollywood from its inception to its current blockbuster domination.


      British/European Cinema

      • Modern British Cinema
      • Production contexts
      • European Cinema
      • Experimental Film: surrealism 
      • New Wave


      Key Texts and Core Films

      Key texts and core films will include:

      - Mad Max
      - Singin' in the Rain
      - Whiplash
      - Raging Bull
      - The Dark Knight Rises

      The Task - Dunkirk (Nolan, 2017)

      Whilst watching the opening scene to Dunkirk, try and identify:

      • Three camera shots you notice – can you name them?
      • Pick out three objects in the scene you think stand out – why do you think there is a focus on the object and what does it add to the scene?

    • If you enjoyed the above task and would like to explore the subject further, you can take part in the below task!

      Mulan (Caro, 2020)

      Whilst watching the trailer to Mulan, try and identify:

      • Who you think the audience for this film is and why?
      • What do you think the genre (type) of the film is?
      • What do you expect a Disney film to include? 
      • Do you think this film will fulfil your expectations?

    • You can find out more about studying A Level Film Studies at Huddersfield New College by clicking on the full course guide here.