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      The aim of Fine Art is to produce art work that communicates with other people, or transfers an emotion - let’s try to make a connection to people who pass by or live in your house every day.

      Think about how hands are useful to demonstrate a gesture or show we care - look at the examples below and decide on your ideas. Then map out the size and proportion and draw a rough outline for your drawing. Using the tutorials below add details of skin, lines and joints - look really carefully at the hands close up and try to capture the weight of it or them by using shadows and highlights. Use curved lines in your shading, not flat ones, as this emphasises the roundness and reality of your hand.

      When you’ve finished write a friendly message by your drawing and display it in a public place like a window or a family wall, or post it online. Show people you care - this activity is about relating to each other as human beings.

      Tutorials on Drawing hands



      helping hands
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      You can find out more about studying A Level Fine Art at Huddersfield New College by clicking on the full course guide here.