• Geography is the study of the world in which we live. It is about patterns on the Earth's surface and why these exist, what we are doing to our planet and why this matters. The A Level course covers both physical and human environments and you will investigate issues such as residential segregation in British cities, why wildfires are a growing threat, the vulnerability of populations in earthquake prone areas, how large corporations dominate the global trade in commodities, how Antarctica is protected as the last true wilderness on Earth and why the east coast of Yorkshire may not be the best place to buy a house.

      Ethnic Segregation in British Towns and Cities (Why do many BAME people live in some areas and not others?)

      Geography is not just the study of Earth’s physical features and processes, but also about the people who inhabit it; where they are found and why, as well as the reasons and methods of how populations change (or not!) around your local area.

      1.       Go to the following website showing data from the last census: Leeds: Population with Afro-Caribbean Heritage

      2.       Look at the key in the bottom left of the screen and move your mouse over different areas of Leeds. Where in Leeds do most people of Black Afro-Caribbean heritage live?

      3.       Now click and drag south-east on the screen (down and left!) to move the map to Huddersfield. Then move north-east to Halifax. What do you notice about the percentage of people of Black Afro-Caribbean heritage in these areas?

      4.       Now click on this link: Huddersfield: Population with Pakistani Heritage

      5.       Which areas of Huddersfield have large populations of people with a Pakistani heritage?

      6.       Now click and drag to look at Halifax, Brighouse, Mirfield and Dewsbury. Describe which areas have higher and lower percentages of people of Pakistani heritage.

      7.       Based upon the tasks you’ve just completed, the diagram below as well as your own experience:

      a.       What does ETHIC SEGREGATION mean?

      b.      Why does it occur?


    • Watch the below video of one of our Geography students talk about their experiences in the subject. Can you pick out 3 topics covered on the course explained by Daniel and which was his favourite topic and why?

    • You can find out more about studying A Level Geography at Huddersfield New College by clicking here to read the full course guide.