• As a Graphic Designer you will design for a purpose or need, creating ideas and outcomes to fulfill a client brief and to communicate a message to an intended audience. For example you may design a poster to inform an audience, or design a logo or brand identity to help sell a product or promote a business or cause. 

      For this task, respond to the below design brief to develop ideas for a company logo. In order to this, we're asking you to sketch out your ideas on a page, creating at least 6 ideas for a logo, using a pencil or pen (fine liner, biro pen or gel pen – we do not recommend a felt tip for this task!). 

      Your brief is to develop a logo design for a food brand of your choice. Consider the following;  

      The name of your brand, what is your company called?

      What are the food products that your company sells?

      And the intended audience. Who is your customer? And who will buy your food products?

      Design and sketch out a minimum of 6 alternative logo ideas on a page- you may want to consider the shape of your logo, will it be circular, square or triangular? Will you use just words and letterforms? Or will you develop an icon or graphic symbol to represent the brand/company?

      Below are some videos that may help you generate some ideas

    • To become a successful graphic designer, keeping your finger on the pule of new trends is important. Watch the below video to see what is trending this year in Logo Design. What do you notice about this year's trends?

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