• History is the study of the past – specifically the people, societies, events and problems of the past – as well as our attempts to understand them. It teaches us what it means to be human, highlighting the great achievements and disastrous errors of the human race. History also teaches us through example, offering hints about how we can better organise and manage our societies for the benefit of all. For us to understand the recent tragic events surrounding George Floyd, we must look at how the events of the past have shaped our society, and the lessons that we can be learned to ensure that all human rights are protected.


      In history, we study the Civil Rights Movement 1909-2009. A key moment within this period occurred in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. The Civil Rights Movement under the leadership of Martin Luther King chose Birmingham to organise a non-violent march to highlight the injustice of segregation and discrimination. The March was significant because children volunteered in their thousands to take part. The authorities used violence against the protesters that was exposed in the media. The events forced the US public to open their eyes to the racial violence and discrimination that was rife in the US. The following primary sources show the events and impact of the protest:


      To find out more about the March on Birmingham, watch this incredible documentary called The Children’s March: 

    • Watch the below video of some of our History students talk about their experiences in the subject. Can you pick out three key pieces of information provided about the course in the video? 

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