• There is not always a right or wrong answer in Law. Skilled barristers and solicitors will argue their side of the case in an effort to persuade the Judge or jury that theirs is the strongest argument, with the greatest legal (and sometimes moral) merit. 

      In some situations, following the strict letter of the law may or may not be the ‘right’ thing to do. 

      Black Lives Matter and the Statue of Edward Colston 


      On Sunday 7th June 2020, in the city centre of Bristol, the bronze statue of Edward Colston was firstly vandalised, then dragged from its plinth before being dropped into the harbour. Read the BBC’s report of this event. 


      Click here to sort the arguments for and against the prosecution of those responsible for this act of criminal damage. Would you be in favour of their punishment under the criminal law? 

    • If you found the task interesting, we recommend undertaking some further research. Click here for more reaction from the residents of Bristol to this event.  Do you think it was right to pull the statue down?

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