• Studying Maths at A Level is a challenging and exciting! If you're thinking about continuing to study Maths after your GCSEs, try your hand at our challenges below- you should be able to answer at least one of them.



      We hope you enjoyed the challenges- you can find the solutions here. Did you manage to solve all four?  If so, A Level Maths could be for you!

    • Over the next year, you'll be making decisions about your next steps after school. If you're interested in studying for an A Level in Maths, you'll need to think about:

      -  What GCSE grades you’re on track to achieve

      Your career and higher education goals

      There is lots of research you can do online right now to help you level up your career knowledge, and here are some useful links to get you started:


      Which Degree Courses Need A Level Maths?



      Thinking of university and wondering whether A Level Maths fits in with this?  See which degree subjects have A Level Maths as an essential requirement (and get an idea about which other A Levels may be essential for the degree you’ve always dreamed of!)


      Which Careers Need A Level Maths?




      It might be that you’re thinking more in terms of future careers than future study.  Follow this link to see which careers A Level Maths can take you to.




      Sometimes students are surprised that A Level Maths contains entirely new content from GCSE that you have not seen before: from day 1 you’ll be learning brand new material.  Watch this teacher solve a past A Level Maths paper to get a feel for what sort of things you’ll be doing in A Level Maths.


    • At Huddersfield New College we offer A Levels in Maths and Further Maths. Click on the links below to access the full course guides.

      A Level Maths

      A Level Further Maths