• Students studying the Music Performance course at Huddersfield New College are required to developed a thorough understanding of musical styles and genres. Your understanding of musical styles will be assessed in a number of ways, but you must first  develop the skills to critically listen and understand pieces of music and the key elements of specific genres.

      Your task is to pick a song from your favourite genre of music (Rock, Pop, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Drum n' Bass, etc.). Once you have chosen the genre, try to find some information on the following to help you to define the genre:

      -          Origins: When was your chosen genre started? Can you name a key composer/band that helped to start the genre?

      -          Song structure/form: What sections make up a typical song of your chosen genre? E.g. verse, chorus, solo, and in what order to they appear in?

      -          Instrumentation: What instruments are prevalent in a typical song of your chosen genre?

      -          Lyrical content: If there are lyrics, what are they typically about?

      For an understanding of some of these terms, plus some others that may define a genre, please click here.

    • To find out more about studying BTEC Music Performance at Huddersfield New College, please click here for the full course guide.