• In Music (Digital Production), you'll spend a great deal of time music sequencing – creating musical ideas on a computer. You will learn how to create individual loops (a loop consists of one or more bars of drums, bass, chords, etc.) and then combine these into a full piece or song. Understanding the basics of music theory will help you to create your pieces. 

      Music Theory Knowledge

      How’s your music theory knowledge? Do you know your treble clefs from your key signatures? Understanding music theory is beneficial in helping you to create chords and other elements of compositions. The site below has bite-sized lessons and interactive quizzes where you can then test your knowledge. 


    • Now that you've put your musical theory knowledge to the test, why not have  some fun putting some music together? The link below will take you to an interactive tutorial where you can learn the basics of music technology. Work through the tutorials and see what you can come up with. Most of all, have fun with it!


    • To find out more about studying Music (Digital Production) at Huddersfield New College, click here to read our full course guide.