• Philosophy, Ethics and Religion focuses upon human belief and thought, why we believe what we do; not just from a religious point of view, but also from a moral and empirical stance as well. You will explore many issues facing modern society in terms of ethics, ponder the beginning of existence in philosophy and delve into the often misunderstood religion of Buddhism in our study of religion.

      Ethical debate surrounding #BlackLivesMatter protests


      George Floyd died on the 25th May this year, due to police brutality, sparking a new wave of civil rights protests under the #BlackLives Matter. Though the protests have been largely peaceful, there have been a number of incidents whereby violence and civil disobedience have been used either against the state or the Police force. On Sunday the 7th of June in the UK, protesters toppled the 19th century statue of Bristol MP, slaver and philanthropist Edward Colston and threw it in the harbour.


      A statue of Wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill was also defaced and vandalised. These actions have divided society, many supporting the actions as righteous protest against systemic racism within our institutions and history; whilst others have condemned the actions as violent and extreme, with no place in a democratic society.


      One topic studied in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion is that of the ethical concept of ‘Utilitarianism’, which dictates that whichever action produces the most ‘happiness’ would be the correct moral decision to make. Watch the below video and then write a piece answering the following question: ‘Was the criminal damage inflicted on the statue of Edward Colston and Winston Churchill the morally correct thing to do?’. You can email me your response, if you wish, to  d.o’keefe@huddnewcoll.ac.uk. I look forward to hearing from you!

    • Watch the below video of one of our Philosophy, Religion and Ethics students talk about their experiences in the subject. Can you pick out 3 pieces of information about the subject? What opportunities does Esther say she had when studying the subject?

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