• If you decide to study A-level photography at HNC this fascinating course will see you combining practical techniques to develop the essential technical skills you’ll need to pursue a career in Photography. You will explore a range of photographical concepts through the critical analysis of a variety of famous photographers and images.

      Artists such as Stephen. J. Shanabrook has taken it upon themselves to deform once beautiful models into hideous creatures for his "Paper Surgery" photograph collection. He uses found imagery from 'glossy' magazines and twists and scrunches the images to alters our perception of them. Many of his works play with the concept of beauty and ugliness and it is here we want you to experiment with your own examples of his style of work.

      Implications - There's a certain aspect of imperfection that you find intriguing. With so many clean-cut images in ads so readily available at our fingertips we want you to use this to your advantage and use images you have to hand and alter them in a way that you see fit. You can scrunch, fold, twist and even rip these images to create a new outcome and meaning. Select a minimum of three images and create two new outcomes with this. Photograph the original using your phone followed by your two alternative outcomes. We have included some of our own examples for you to see.


    • If you enjoyed taking part in the above activity and would like to explore this further you can click on the link below to read more about the artist and watch a short video on how he has created his own imagery. 


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