• Politics is as much about the study of people and communities as it is about the institutions of government, parliament and the global order. In many respects the latter is completely influenced by the former - with the recent tragic events surrounding George Floyd being no exception. Join us below in Politics as we explore the representation of black British citizens in our own country, as we assess the extent to which the Black Lives Matter campaign is just as relevant within the UK as it is in the US. 

      The impact of Black Lives Matter on UK Politics


      Whilst we do not directly teach US domestic politics on our course, we do explore the impact that major events in the US have on our own political climate. The tragic case of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement is no exception, as recent events in the US have sparked a wave of protests in the UK and has reignited critical debate about how BAME (Black, Asia and Minority Ethnic) communities are treated in our country and wider political system.

      Below are some statistics that explore BAME representation and participation in UK politics. Study each source and draw a range of conclusions about what this may mean for black representation and participation in UK politics.

      Source 1: The amount of ethnic minority MPs in the House of Commons following the 2019 election. There are 650 MPs altogether.


      Source 2: BME/White party voter preference and overall voting turnout from the 2019 election.




      Liberal Democrat

      Other parties








      All BME






      If you want to hear more perspectives on what it is to be black in Britain, you may wish to listen to this Oxford Union Podcast featuring prominent black British politician David Lammy:  https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/the-oxford-union/david-lammy-mp-labour-party-o_YGlRVcrM3/

    • Watch the below video of some of our Politics students talk about their experiences in the subject. Can you pick out for each of them, what was their favourite area of the subject? What did Caitlin have the opportunity to do in year 1? And lastly, what sort of support is offered on the course?

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