• The most recent Olympic games to be held in the UK was London 2012. These games were a huge success and celebrated athletes of all backgrounds from every corner of the world. Some of your early childhood memories of Sport may well come from the many inspirational moments these games provided us. 


      particular highlight was the moment Great Britain’s Jessica Ennis won Gold in the Women's Heptathlon. Jessica showed incredible physical and mental strength not only during the race, but the many months and years leading up to the competition. 

      Task: To reach your potential as an athlete there are many areas of performance that require attention. Complete the table below explaining why you believe each factor is vital for any athlete of your choice. 


      Important because...

      Examples in the career of your chosen athlete.... 

      Fitness levels 






      Mental strength/psychology 





      Nutrition and diet 





      Training methods and recovery 





      Having a specialist coach 





      Having funding available for coaches and equipment  





      Data analysis e.g. stats, computer software, videos 







      A factor of your own 






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      3. The five rings in the logo represent...?

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