• This Travel and Tourism taster activity is designed to help you understand what is meant by tourism, and will help you to explore employment opportunities within the sector. The tourism industry is one of the UK's most rapidly growing employment sectors and you'll be surprised by the range of jobs available! 

      Section one – Investigation into tourism in the UK

      1a/ The UK Tourism industry is expected to be worth £257 billion by 2025, with over 3 million jobs.   

       Create a list of as many jobs you can think of in the tourism industry.  When you have made you list, follow this link to check your ideas and to find a wider range of employment opportunities in the travel and tourism sector.












       1b/  In 2019 40.9 million overseas visitors came to the UK from around the world; this is known as inbound tourism

      List four countries you think the most inbound tourists to the UK arrive from.  Then compare your ideas to the stats here: 


      Your list


      The actual figures













      1c/  As well as inbound visitors to the UK from abroad, domestic tourism plays an important part in the industry. Domestic tourists are tourist visiting attractions and destinations from other places within the country they already live in. For example a family from Manchester visiting Flamingo Land for a day trip are domestic visitors. Domestic trips can be short or can last several weeks. Domestic tourism is worth £19.3 billion to the UK's economy.

      List up to ten popular tourist destinations (places such as towns, cities or regions where people may like to visit) within the UK.   Compare you ideas with a list created by Time Out showing their recommendations of the top ten destinations to visit in the UK.

      Your ideas on popular tourist destinations in the UK


      Time Out recommendations





















      1d /  A tourist attraction is a place visited within a destination. The research on tourism in the UK  comes from an analysis of almost 70 million (67,640,804) people who visited UK tourist attractions in the past year. 

      List up to ten different tourist attractions that can be visited in the UK.  Compare your ideas to the top ten list published by the London Evening Standard for 2018.

      Your  ideas on popular UK tourist attractions


      London Evening Standard listing of the top ten tourist attractions.





















      1f/ Think about your own experiences as a tourist in the UK; either in West Yorkshire or further afield. 

      Write a summary explaining the last time you were a domestic tourist; you can explain where you visited, how long you stayed, what you did whilst you were there and list any attractions you visited.









    • Read the article using the link below. In your opinion, what do you think will happen to inbound and domestic tourism in the UK for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021? Give your predictions below.










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