• Using inspiration is essential when designing – in this 3D Design A Level course we look at a range of artists, designers and artefacts that will inspire us. Creating samples and models is an important part of the process. Using paper, we can easily create objects from sheet to form; this is a simple construction method that is available to all. 

      Use the image below and follow the folds on a square piece of paper – orange folds one way, green the opposite way. The four lines of V pleats meet in the centre point of the sheet, enabling the final form to take on two entirely different forms – each is the other ‘popped’ inside out (inverted). Why don’t you try this out?

      3D paper folding

    • If you enjoyed working with paper on this activity, you can explore this concept further. Watch the video below to explore an abstract 3D paper folding sketching idea generator.


    • If you would like to find out more about the 3D Design A Level course at Huddersfield New College, you can more about the course here.