• Communicating by visual graphics - ‘Sticker Stories’

      The aim of BTEC Art and Design Practice is to produce art work that communicates with other people, or transfers an idea. Let’s try to make a connection to people who pass by or live in your house every day.

      Think about how visual graphics quickly grab our attention, especially if they are bright, snappy and cheerful. Come up with a slogan which puts over a positive way of seeing the world, and might cheer people up. You might want to use single words, such as ‘Dream, think, sing or celebrate…’.

      Use bright bubbles, or borders, block letters and strong colours to make your message stand out. Below are some examples...


      Place the messages in a public place like a window or a wall - if you want to you can follow the instructions below on ‘How to make Stickers’.


      Show people you care - this activity is about relating to each other as human beings.

    • If you would like to know how designers do this professionally watch the videos below:

      Create stickers using Adobe Illustrator:

      The Streaming Museum Online Exhibition - Stickers: From Punk to Contemporary Art


    • If you would like to find out more about our Level 3 BTEC in Art and Design, you can read more about the course here.