• During the first year of A level Biology, the first topic we look at is Biological Molecules where the structures of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins are covered. Food tests can be carried out to detect the presence of some of these biological molecules, and you'll be taking a look at these tests in the below task.

      Watch the videos below to see how these tests are carried out and then have a go at the wordwall quiz to test your new found knowledge!


      Benedict’s test:

      Iodine test:

      Buiret test:

      Emulsion test:

      Wordwall quiz:

      Now you've watched the videos, you can take the quiz. Click on the link below to take part.


    • You have looked at biochemical tests for some important biological molecules.

      You can now look at the background to the discovery of the biological molecule you will be very familiar with, DNA- a real cloak and dagger story!

      Watch the video and then answer the 5 questions below.


      1.       Which three scientists were credited with the discovery of the structure of DNA?

      2.       What technique did Rosalind Franklin use to study the structure of DNA?

      3.       What is the most famous x ray image of DNA known as and how long did it take to produce it?

      4.       Who took this famous photo of DNA without Franklin’s knowledge and who did he show it to?

      5.       Why was Franklin’s contribution to the discovery of DNA structure not recognised by the award of the Nobel prize?

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